Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Idea: Magic Toilet

The mobile, or mobility, or just a personal technology that lives near us.
We use it almost for everything. Almost?
Yes, almost, and in my personal opinion, we use it too little for our health purpose. If it is so close to our body, so why can't it monitor our health? Or at least integrate the whole house environment, e.g. a fridge, a floor, a bed, a toilet, and to do a very simple task: “to collect statistical data from my life and to send it to the dedicated server for the health analysis”. The most important thing from this visioned yet fully automatic environment is that it could collect data without our interference. You could live your normal life, without visits to the medicine specialist, and to wait for the system's alerts about the upcoming deviation from the level of your health.

For example. Would it be great to have a magic toilet that measures our temperature, weight, etc every morning? Or even better, it runs a simple test for our urine composition. It sounds a little bit too much sophisticated, but why not? We all know that it is better to prevent than to treat. So why don't we hire the mobile technology to do it?

I spent a long period of my IT career implementing the IT solutions for medicine. Thus, now I just wanted to share my hope about iMedicine, and about the bright future that it has.  
P.S. The image has been taken from here.

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