Monday, February 7, 2011

Liberty Stands Still

This post is not about the revolution ongoing in Egypt, or a film with Wesley Snipes. It is just about LibreOffice on a very new Ubuntu installation and a few thoughts about my silent dream called 'software solution independence'.

Having been thinking for a long time 'to buy or to upgrade my personal hardware', I have finally made a decision and I have bought a new Dell Vostro 3700 laptop, uff. There were many questions regarding the technical parameters, etc., having read some interesting articles, I simply found all answers. Generally speaking, all steps/issues of buying (apart from one) went smoothly, because, as you probably agree, it is a nice moment of IT life to buy a new technical thing. :)

Thus, returning to this 'thing' that was tasteless for me.
Having collected my chosen technical laptop parameters (called: 'must have options', e.g. matte LCD, Ubuntu/no operating system), I moved to the laptop market, or in others words, I started to search for e-shops having my ideal laptop.
As you probably know, the whole laptops' market is occupied by the vendor of one operating system – 'the winner takes all or at least 90%'. How do they do that? Maybe they just 'stick' the number of the licence on the laptop's bottom during transportation, and after that they say: 'ups, now you should sell only with this OS'. ;)

I have even seen one organisation 'Freedom for laptops' that is going to take care of this 'sticky business' in Poland. I do really hope they will succeed and make me at least 90% happier next time I will search for my new laptop.

The King is dead, long live the King!

Continuing this melody of hope, I have removed OpenOffice from my newly installed Ubuntu 10.10. Having done this, I'm not saying that I don't like OpenOffice, I just don't like red coloured Oracle logo on it. It reminds me of the 'sticky business' options that I don't accept.
The new software removal/installation on Ubuntu is as easy as a pie, so I have installed LibreOffice – Liberty Stands Still ;)

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