Monday, January 17, 2011

Virtual World with Ubuntu and VirtualBox 4.0

I have worked with VMware Player, Microsoft Virtual PC, VMware Workstation so far and I have finally stopped with Oracle VirtualBox 4.0, and it seems that I will stick with this product a little bit longer.
I'm not going to write about something that has already been written somewhere else on the Internet, such as the history of VirtualBox owners, the new features, etc. (BTW: a very good post about new VirtualBox 4 features could be found here).
I'm just going to express my personal opinion about VirtualBox and give you some good URLs that are worth seeing.

OK so let's start with the answer to the question: “Why have I switched from VMware to VirtualBox?”
All answer which written down are correct:
1. It is a free product without any extra charges
2. It allows to run as many virtual machines on your PC/Server as you want ;)
3. It seems to me that it is faster then VMware
4. It has commercial support
5. It is high time I learned the virtualization software option that Oracle supports for his licensing restrictions, or in other words, the virtual machine software where you can set as many CPUs as you want and you will be charged only for VirtualBox set CPU number, e.g. if you have one physical server with 2 CPUs but you have only one Oracle DB licence, you could use VirtualBox and install only this particular Oracle DB licence. Of course, technically you could do this almost with any virtualization software but only VirtualBox is compliant with Oracle terms and conditions ;)

Moreover, I have to say that there is one thing that I don't like about VirtualBox. In order to move/copy your virtual system to another PC/Server you have to perform the export and import task. VMware, for example, allows standard copy and paste function for a selected virtual system transfer.

Some more interesting URLs:
1. If you wanted to download VirtualBox 4.0, just start here.
2. The installation instruction for Ubuntu is available here and here.
3. Some thoughts about “the best desktop virtualization software

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