Monday, September 26, 2011

To Run or not to Run Without Measuring?

Before making a significant change it would be worthwhile to describe the final state of that change (How will you feel when you get there?) in case the change takes too long without giving a measurable result. Or, in other words, name your PKI's before you go live with your goals.

I had the same thoughts before starting regular jogging last summer. I thought that I wouldn't need to measure the obvious things, but what if the obvious is not the obvious?

Thus, the detailed question was: “How could I measure my jogging without interrupting the jogging?”

The answer came when I googled some modern jogging pages. Having read a few articles, I have chosen an all-inclusive, private “e-coach” package, with the following list of tools:
1. The mobile phone with GPS → the winner is “Samsung Galaxy i900”
2. The e-coach software → the winner is “Endomondo Pro
3. The hardware for heart rate measure → the winner is “Zephyr bluetooth

1. Finally, I have found the motivation for buying a smart phone with Android :) Earlier on I was happy enough to use Nokia E51 (BTW, my new Samsung still spends in a drawer more time than in my pocket)
2. I was highly motivated for jogging during the first months
3. I measured my real physical condition
4. I have become very impressed about the e-sports market and the potential it has

1. Now, jogging requires at least 5 minutes more to start :) The whole package of tools (including Samsung smartphone and Zypher) equals the whole package of questions: “Is it working?”

I expect that one day the mobile technology will help us to live more pleasant life, and as we can see, this time is approaching, but for now, I prefer jogging then measuring along with jogging :)
I feel a real pleasure of jogging without extra tools.

Recommended solution:
Do jogging without extra tools each day and measure the progress only once per month.

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