Wednesday, March 2, 2011

RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) and Workrave

One day, as usual, I was reading some post on the Internet. Oddly, I felt that my eyes started to be sore. This is certainly nothing serious to worry about, but I guess that it may be the impact of, e.g. very long autumn and winter reading nights. Nevertheless, I thought it was the high time I started thinking about something that would help my eyes to stay in a good condition.
Despite anything that is said about a good health condition, I think that eyes are one of the most important 'tools' of an IT specialist that are used in a very intensive mode. OK, other organs are also important too and they can have strain injury, or more precisely: 'Repetitive Strain Injury' but eyes must work harder than, e.g. hands ;)
Thus, I started to search for a particular application that would help me to organize my workspace automatically and would not be too much annoying. The googling result, or in other words '… and the Oscar goes to...', is Workrave.
Having completed a very quick installation with 'Umbutu Software Center', a new software was ready for use.

Some extra information.
Before you start using it, you could set the option for your specific needs. I have changed only 'Micro-break' and 'Rest break' options (see below):

I have turned off the 'Daily limit' because I don't want to have such a limitation yet ;)

The result?

Now, when I work on my laptop, after each ten minutes I see this picture which is a little bit annoying:

Seeing it, I close my tired eyes and I think about grass, green grass ;)

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