Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ubuntu plus SQL Developer

I'm not going to initiate endless, historical discussion about the superiority of the operating systems; I'm just stating the fact that my personal number one here is Ubuntu and the rest of its family, e.g. Mint.

I can make an analogical statement about databases. My personal number one here is Oracle DB and no matter how tolerant I am, I will always interpret DB solutions through the Oracle DB perspective.

So, after such a short introduction here, I have my final, personal, yet simple operational environment of the system: Ubuntu + Oracle DB.

Before going inside the Oracle DB, I recommend expanding standard DB user interface with a more powerful command-line tool called: “GQLPlus”. The difference between GQLPlus and SQL*Plus is command-line editing and history, plus table-name and column-name completion. But before installing GQLPlus, a piece of information. It crashes quite often in my environment so, before you get angry with me for this tool recommendation, you could try a free of charge Oracle Sql Developer tool. According to its java-based engine, the tool is not the performance leader but according to its economical efficiency, it is still worth using.

The SQL Developer installation may be a little bit tricky (java home etc.) so for more instructions about smooth installation on Ubuntu see here: "Oracle SQL Developer on Ubuntu".

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