Sunday, November 22, 2009

Book recommendation: "High Performance Web Sites"

At this moment I'm not sure about APEX performance but I think that after a few web architecture optimization tasks, it would work faster. But before that, I decided to invest some time into "Web Sites Performance" science and to find out what could be done better within the APEX platform ;)

I've read a very good, yet thin, (only 135 pages) book High Performance Web Sites which demonstrates that 80% of the time takes for a web page to load is due to an inefficient browser activity, and the book provides 14 rules for reducing the response time from 20% to 25%. And here is the 14 optimization rules:

1.Make fewer HTTP requests
2.Use a CDN
3.Add an Expires header
4.Gzip components
5.Put CSS at the top
6.Move JS to the bottom
7.Avoid CSS expressions
8.Make JS & CSS external
9.Reduce DNS lookups
10.Minify JS
11.Avoid redirects
12.Remove duplicate scripts
13.Turn off ETags
14.Make Ajax cachableand small

In my opinion, every APEX or any Web developer should read this. But if you do not have time to read you could at least try this software: YSlow


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